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A closer look at the world scene generally  today call for serious concern, politically, economically and socially. The world is no longer the way it used to be, generally there is lack of genuine love, respect and sanctity for life.

The rate of senseless killing this days raises serious concern in the mind of many people, so many questions are been ask, what is the government doing about it?,  when will all these killings stop?, By the way, is God aware of theses senseless atrocities and how does He feel about it?, What does He intend doing about it?, or perhaps we are expecting a perticular government that will thrash out these numerous abnormalities?.

All of these and many more questions are answered at this web site:

Find time to visit the site, it has answers to your most important life questions, you will be glad you did.

Kano Mosque Bomb Blast. (Viewers discretion adviced)

credit: Hisham Habib.

Why this carnage? Is this what their god required from them? Why lack of respect for life? Why is it that there is no human feeling from these people that is carrying out this barbaric acts? So many questions begging for a genuine answers.

Let me share this disturbing pictures of the Kano bomb blast by Caevee from Nairaland forum.

Abuja-Ilorin bound plan veered off runway.

A passenger plane carrying 59 passengers from Abuja to Ilorin overshot the runway at Ilorin International Airport this Saturday evening.

 According to the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, there was no casualty, because the incident happened at a low speed after landing.

It is hoped that the authority will continue to maintain high safety precautions to assure passengers safety.

Keshi continue as super eagle coach.

Stephen Keshi.

Keshi Continue as super Eagle Coach.

The NFF yesterday confirmed that the Super Eagle Coach Stephen Keshi’s contract will be renewed. You will recalled that his initial contract expired after the last world cup and since his team failed to progressed further than the second stage, there was  numerous call for his replacement, going by the NFF pronouncement, the technical committee has been given the go ahead to renew his contract.


The Nigeria oil minister, Mrs. Diezani
Alison Madueke has been appointed as the alternate President of the 12 Members  of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) today November 27, and she is billed to to assume as the President of OPEC on January 1, 2015 at Vienna, Austria, according to The Guardian. Congratulation madam and congratulation Nigeria.


MTN special smartphone data plan is still on and it is good we enjoy this data  provision from them now for just N2,500 you will get 4.5gb data, to me, it is not bad at all.
This is just what you need to do:
1. Load a credit of N2,500 on your handset.
2. Text 120 to 131 to activate.
3. Or you can simply dial *123*3#
You will instantly receive 4.5gb data on your phone but remember it is made up of 1.5 gb for day time and 3gb for night time, that is from  9pm to 6am.

Cancer is curable – Soyinka.

Prof. Whole Soyinka.

Cancer is curable.

The noble laureate and a member of Africa Cancer Center Prof. Whole Soyinka disclosed that he had survived cancer due to early detection of the disease.

The early detection and treatment, couple with proper dieting contributed immensely to his survival. He encouraged prompt medical attention and determination of such individual to survive the attack. Since he and others has survived, cancer is curable.


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